28 November, 2007

In The Pursuit Of Light




Last Sunday it took place again – fifth time in my life I witnessed a bird loosing it’s way out of sky – finding itself trapped – where humans dwell.

The stage a coffeshop – cause I missed the eleven twenty-two – blond girl in grey t-shirt serving me and simultaneously conversing visiting friend by counter.

More people – not knowingly waiting for Sparrow Entrée – Businessman with perfect beard and high-priced bags, by table – Spanish speaking woman with small mobile phone and big hair, by window.

Blond-grey girl tells friend;
“He says to me – I love you and I will wait forever, we have to BE together”
“I say to him – but I hate you and do not ever want to see you again”

Then Sparrow arrives – human movement and words stop – bird circles goes pjoff into window – seemingly unaware – more rounds, above tables, counter, shelves then in miracle-way out of small open door.

Me and Businessman exchange relieved glance – Spanish woman back on phone.

Blond-grey girl continues story;
“He then says to me – I know you do not mean that, you know we were meant to be“
“So I say – not if you were the last man on earth and I was desperate for love would I touch you with a-ten-foot-pole”

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