I chose this book by the cover.


This book, Vita syrener by Daniel Fallström, contains the poem Marion. The other night I translated it from swedish to English – but backwards, from bottom to top, from left to right. I made some small adjustments, bending words and making nine lines instead of twelve.

Satiated swearing maddened by the smile and gaze
gauze from end to end and goldenly/silkily hair is in
conquer playfully, wholeheartedly then storm and?

Herb yard in winter beginning flickering flake-flower
snow-white while Marten of hats, hers is arranged
howled the streets through spiralling snow when…

Dust earthly she by continuation as fairest
it met; I smell of roses – Julys are in
lustre-spring is in, snow winter is in…

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27. March 2011 at 20:05

What a beautiful book. And you have made the poem into something so abstract with your translation. Also beautiful.